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Euphonic are Geoff Ball, Bob Wegner, and Vince Waters. With cello, guitar, and drums they have created an eclectic sound of their own - a fusion of classical, latin, folk, prog rock, ragtime, and jazz. They've been writing and playing music together for over a decade, and have finally managed to come together to compile an album's worth of their original compositions.

Early compositions in a funk/rock vein were written with Geoff on bass guitar, but the cello was soon integrated into the mix and their inimitable sound was born. From day one their pieces were never titled, but rather named in the order in which they were conceived.

The trio, now with 12 originals (named Song 1 through Song 12) in their repertoire, have performed dozens of shows at various Ontario venues, including fashion shows, the annual Gandhi Peace Festival, and weddings. Cover songs with unique (and often hilarious) arrangements are also sometimes performed, ranging from pop-oriented material to TV themes.

Their self-titled debut album is now available for purchase online and on CD.

Meet The Band

Geoff Ball

Exploiting friends, chairs, and music stands all over to hold his bow while he sets up, Geoff is a peculiar element of the Hamilton music scene. Unrestrained by delusions of image or style, he concentrates solely on the music in all of his ensembles (currently fluctuating around 6, including at least 3 contemporary groups and 3 choirs), whether as cellist, singer, arranger, or composer, and has recorded for numerous projects in Hamilton and area over the years.

Outside of the music realm, Geoff has his Honours BA in Psychology from McMaster University, his B.Ed. from Nipissing University, and years of study on the cello from a young age, most recently with Kirk Starkey. After a brief stint teaching high school math(s) for two years in England, for about the past decade he has been back in Canada and making more music than ever.

Bob Wegner

Bob is a professional musician who can't remember the last time he paid to stay in a hotel room. In 2006 he was selected by Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor to play guitar in his first of many incarnations of the We Will Rock You musical. He has since done many tours with Classic Albums Live, and has spent much of the last few years playing solo acoustic guitar shows both on dry land and on cruise ships.

His debut solo album, called Changing Of The Guard, was released in 2017. It comprises of 12 tracks, with influences spanning from baroque to 1960s British folk.He is also credited as "photo archivist" in the Max Webster box set called "The Party."

Vince Waters 

A graduate of the four year Jazz Performance Music program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Vince has over a decade of recording and performing experience to his name. Drawing his inspiration from classic rock, jazz, classical, R&B, and funk, he has an extensive list of credits in musical theatre, and has performed as a showband musician with Carnival Cruise Lines in the Caribbean and Australia. He has also performed with numerous Hamilton recording acts like Wax Mannequin and Andre Bisson and is credited on several albums by The Plain Steel


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